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"Brian O'Raleighs book - The Storyteller of Inis Mór - reminds of one of the great Irish writers such as Sean O'Faolain and Benedict Kiely" Frank O'Shea, Literary Critic, The Australian Irish Echo

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The author is an Irish writer, poet and storyteller, living in Surfer’s Paradise, Queensland, Australia, with his wife, Kadek and an old Irish Wolfhound called Rasputin who sleeps at the foot of their bed each night to ensure their privacy. He has a love of animals, the planet earth, the ‘life force’, sailing, swimming, walking, travel, adventure, running creative writing workshops, reading, writing and poetry. Unfortunately, he also enjoys cooking. Unfortunate because his wife, (herself a professional Balinese Chef) does not appreciate Irish stew or most other delicacies created in the Emerald Isle!

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Brian O’Raleigh was born into a chaotic Irish family in 1941 in the English seaside resort town of Blackpool. He attended St Joseph’s College, Lytham, until the age of 14 when he was expelled for fighting with a Christian brother. At the age of eighteen, accused of being involved in an IRA threat on Blackpool Tower, he emigrated to Australia, just a few steps ahead of English justice. Arriving in Sydney he worked at a dozen different occupations including, salesman, construction worker, driver, bulldozer operator, factory worker, steel fixer, security, and trade union official. After his first wife, Jean, left him with their daughter, Kathleen, he realised that his drinking was out of control and volunteered for the 6-Day-War in Israel in a desperate attempt to do something decent with his life. He met his second wife, Carol, in Tel Aviv, and for a little while, he managed to control his drinking. But on returning to London a year later, he immediately became involved in nightclub life of ‘The Swinging Sixties’, and, as his alcoholism progressed, he became more involved in crime and the associated violence. A year later, after launching a gang assault on the Earls Court police station, in a failed attempt to free a friend, he was forced to flee England once again, and, with police alerts at all International Airports in the UK, he bribed the skipper of a small, French fishing boat to take him to Calais...

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